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Social Justice

Calcaterra Pollack LLP has a deep commitment to social justice issues, and our attorneys have experience litigating a wide range of matters with social justice dimensions. Our attorneys’ cumulative experience includes representing survivors of childhood sexual abuse under New York’s Child Victims Act, representing families in wrongful death actions against corporations, representing minority-owned businesses against discriminatory treatment, and directing government investigations that improved provision of public and private sector services.

Often, individuals can feel powerless when they experience a devastating event – be it a sexual assault, the death of a family member, or the violation of a fundamental civil right such as the right to privacy, freedom of speech, or freedom from discrimination. Calcaterra Pollack LLP is well-equipped to assist individuals with assessing their options and pursuing legal remedies in such situations.

Calcaterra Pollack LLP’s notable Social Justice practice cases were brought under New York’s Child Victims Act against the Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch and related defendants.