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Investigation into Overcharges of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums by Insurance Company of the West

Calcaterra Pollack LLP is investigating the workers’ compensation insurance premiums charged by the Insurance Company of the West from 2012 through the present. Calcaterra Pollack LLP believes that certain insureds may have been overcharged by the Insurance Company of the West due to its improper methods of calculating insureds’ risk levels.

If you or your business purchased workers’ compensation insurance from the Insurance Company of the West and believe you may have been overcharged due to the company’s improper methods of calculating risk levels, we urge you to email or call:

Michael Liskow
(212) 899-1761

Michael Liskow and Calcaterra Pollack LLP have extensive experience representing small businesses, consumers, and others against large corporate entities that seek to bend or break the rules in pursuit of profit. 

This experience extends to cases involving disputes against insurance companies.  Mr. Liskow is currently representing two small businesses in a class action against the California State Compensation Insurance Fund in the California Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles.  The case seeks damages stemming from State Fund’s improper calculation of inflated workers’ compensation insurance premium rates by calculating the premiums using improper and illegal “tier modifiers” and “rating plan modifiers” based on formulas that were not filed, disclosed to the public, or permitted to be disclosed to the public at the time of the filing of the rate filings utilizing the formulas, as required by law.  Mr. Liskow also recently represented plaintiffs in an action involving improper increases to premiums for universal life insurance policies.

Michael Liskow is a partner at Calcaterra Pollack LLP. Michael has extensive experience litigating complex class actions on behalf of plaintiffs in consumer fraud, data breach, antitrust, securities, housing, insurance, and wage and hour matters, among others. Prior to joining the Firm, Michael was a clerk for the Honorable Steven H. Levinson of the Supreme Court of Hawai`i, an associate at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP, a Fulbright Teaching Assistant to the Slovak Republic, and a partner at two law firms practicing plaintiff-side class action litigation.

Michael is currently admitted to practice in the States of New York and California and in the U.S. District Courts for the Southern, Eastern, and Northern Districts of New York, the Northern, Central, and Southern Districts of California, the Northern District of Illinois, and the District of Colorado.